Highlights and Recognition
CDP's A List
<p>For Climate Change and Water Security</p>
FTSE 4Good
2020 Food Loss & Waste 2030 Champions
<p>The Venetian Resort Las Vegas</p>
2019 LEED Platinum
<p>Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore</p>
2019 Macao Green Hotel Silver
<p>Sands Macao</p>

Sands ECO360 In Action

Image of a green roof deck at a Sands Integrated Resort
Green Buildings
Our Focus
<p>We develop our resorts with the utmost care for our host communities by designing, constructing and remodeling our buildings to reduce environmental impact and achieve long-term sustainability. </p>
New Developments
<p>Conceptualizing new resorts begins with assessment of the long-term implications of our operations. From the dream stage to construction, environmental sustainability is a top priority and systematically incorporated into the development process, using innovative technologies and tailoring our plans to meet our host regions' needs.</p>
Remodels and Renovations
<p>We constantly refresh our vast portfolio of hotel suites, meeting spaces and entertainment attractions. During the upgrade process, environmental sustainability is a top priority, whether that's converting to energy-efficient appliances, using eco-friendly paints and carpets or upgrading to low-flow water fixtures.</p>
Innovative Technologies
<p>Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before, changing our guests' expectations as well as the way in which the hospitality industry conducts business. From hydrogen fuel cells for forklifts to bio-gas and energy projects, we constantly study and pilot new technologies to fine-tune our operations.</p>
Image of the blue sea
Environmentally Responsible Operations
Our Focus
<p>Creating harmony between guest satisfaction and reducing our environmental footprint is no small charge — but we are up for the challenge and have successfully mastered incorporating a range of sustainability practices while maintaining exquisite offerings at our properties.&nbsp;</p>
Natural Resource Conservation
<p>We are acutely aware of the impact we have on the planet and balance delivering our services to an ever-increasing number of visitors, while continuing to reduce our resource use. Our approach is focused on strategically selected projects designed to improve energy, water and operational efficiencies. </p>
Waste Management
<p>In managing our Integrated Resorts, we must account for the complexities of an evolving waste stream. In line with the size and scope of our properties, we have implemented a comprehensive program that ensures waste is minimzed upstream as well as diverted downstream.</p>
Supply Chain Sustainability
<p>Spanning three countries and two continents, our complex global supply chain is the engine behind our success. We leverage our Sustainable Procurement Policy to ensure best practices for conservation, recyclability, toxicity reduction and local business engagement.</p>
Image of blurred white lights
Green Meetings and Events
Our Focus
<p>Shaping modern gatherings means going beyond basic coordination to curate meetings and events with environmental sustainability, wellness and community impact in mind. Inspired by the vision of a sustainable future, we create eco-friendly solutions for groups of all kinds.</p>
The Environment
<p>Our commitment to green meetings and events starts at the planning stage and continues through execution and cleanup. Combining our eco-efficient venues with our team's expertise in incorporating customized sustainability practices takes meetings and events at our properties from good to green — and beyond.</p>
<p>We ensure our meeting clients stay happy, healthy and productive as another core tenet of our sustainability offerings. Between meeting sessions, attendees can revitalize the mind and body with a variety of resort amenities and activities.</p>
Community Engagement
<p>We offer opportunities to extend sustainability beyond our halls by integrating social purpose activities into meetings and events. In connecting meeting planners with our nonprofit partners, we help facilitate volunteer engagements that offer lasting memories, while providing valuable community support.</p>

Properties in Action

  • Image of windmills generating electricity Thumbnail

    Renewable Energy at The Venetian Resort

    One hundred percent of the electricity used at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is powered by renewable energy. This landmark initiative uses energy credits from regional wind farms to offset the resort’s carbon footprint. Show +

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  • Image of reusable cutlery Thumbnail

    Eliminating Plastics in Team Member Dining Rooms

    The Venetian Resort Las Vegas has eliminated single-use plastic items such as spoons, straws and coffee stirrers in Team Member dining rooms with substitution of non-plastic, sustainable or reusable options. Show +

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  • Image of an event at Sands Expo & Convention Center Thumbnail

    Energy-Efficient Convention Space

    Marina Bay Sands achieved the prestigious LEED certification for Sands Expo and Convention Centre — the first meeting venue in the Asia-Pacific region to receive this designation. Show +

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  • Image of a school of fish Thumbnail

    Sustainable Seafood Partnerships

    In partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature, Marina Bay Sands is helping fish farms in Malaysia work toward Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification and supporting community-based fishery improvement projects. Show +

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  • Image of cornstarch base that goes into containers and cutlery Thumbnail

    Reducing Plastics in China

    Sands China replaced 6.5 million plastic containers, utensils and cutlery sets with plant-based alternatives and discontinued its annual use of 2.2 million plastic straws in company-owned venues. Show +

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  • Images of solar panels and heat pump at the Sheraton Grand Macao Thumbnail

    Solar Solutions

    Sands China built a solar thermal hybrid energy plant atop the Sheraton Grand Macao. The plant generates enough hot water for the resort’s Sky Tower, including its 2,000 suites, pools, spas and kitchens. Show +

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