We appreciate your interest in using one or more of our brands. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request if it is consistent with maintaining the integrity of our brands and will not cause confusion, but we cannot accommodate every request. All of our brand features are protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. Unless you have written permission from Las Vegas Sands Corp.("Sands," or the "Company") to use our brand features (e.g., logo, image, trademark), you may only use Sands brand features pursuant to the guidelines set forth below.

Branding Guidelines

1. You may not use our logos, stylized lettering, or images to identify Sands properties, products, programs or services, or incorporate or include any of our trademarks in your company name, product or service name, domain name, username or email address.

2. Sands trademarks must never be used as a common verb, as a noun, in the possessive form, in the plural, or as a generic term for any goods, services, properties, or destinations. Always use our trademarks in their correct form-never abbreviated, altered or edited-and as proper adjectives followed by the generic term they describe.

3. You may not use Sands trademarks with any obscene or pornographic materials, or in connection with any content that violates applicable law, and your use of any Sands trademark may not be disparaging, defamatory, or libelous.

4. You may not use Sands trademarks in any manner that directly or indirectly expresses or implies Sands sponsorship, affiliation, certification, approval, or endorsement in relation to your goods or services.

5. You may not use Sands trademarks on websites consisting of "parked pages" with pay-per-click advertisements.

6. When referencing any Sands trademark, please use capital letters, or use a different type style or font to distinguish the trademark from the surrounding text, followed by an appropriate generic term. Please use the appropriate notice symbol adjacent to the mark.

7. Do not use our brand features, including any photos of our properties, in connection with advertising your products or services.

8. Even if you are a partner of ours, do not assume you have permission to use our logos, or other brand features, unless you have a written trademark license from Sands to do so.