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News | August 4, 2021

ESG Report Embodies Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

ESG Report Embodies Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

As the world’s leading developer of destination resorts, we have a commitment to safeguarding the regions in which we operate, and to accountability and transparency in reporting the results of efforts to do so. An important aspect of fulfilling that promise is the just-released Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

The ESG Report is an annual accounting of our performance in support of our three corporate responsibility pillars: The People who work at and visit our resorts, the Communities we call home and the Planet we all share. It is comprehensive and multi-faceted, digging into both our performance at the granular level, focusing on specific metrics of our performance, and also zooming back to paint a larger picture of our philanthropic support and sustainability initiatives, and how we make our communities stronger.

In the area of environmental performance, we pursue our goals through Sands ECO360, our global sustainability program, with a focus on three core areas: green buildings, environmentally responsible operations and green meetings and events. As shown in the report, several of our resorts are LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), reflecting our overall commitment to green operations. We pursue environmental efficiencies, working to eliminate waste whenever possible. And we maintain a 360-degree environmental approach to all aspects of planning and managing events, both large and small, from working directly with clients to pursue strategize to minimize waste, to eliminating single-use meeting materials including lanyards, plastic cups and others.

The report touches on our commitment to being a good corporate citizen, as well, informed by our pursuit of our social goals, encompassing two of our core pillars: Our People and our Communities. We strive to inspire all people who interact with our business – including the guests who visit our resorts, and the Team Members who make them great places to visit. And as a leading business in each of the regions in which we operate, we strive to make our communities better, safer and healthier places to live. Our success as a company goes hand-in-hand with the success and wellbeing of our people and our communities. As demonstrated in the report, these efforts are driven in large part by Sands Cares, our global community engagement program, and Sands Project Protect, our collective programing dedicated to promoting responsible gaming, preventing financial crimes and countering human trafficking.

Our good governance commitment begins at the highest levels of the company, starting at our Board of Directors. Guided by the standards set by the Board, our governance approach includes overall oversight of our ESG priorities, transparency and supply chain management, among others. The ESG Report serves as a fundamental example of fulfilling this commitment.

Taken all together, the ESG Report is a comprehensive accounting of our commitment to protecting our People, Communities and Planet, combining individual performance results with zoomed-out explorations of how we fulfill our corporate responsibility commitments. Read the full report now, and watch this space for further information on its individual components.